Florida teen says vaping put him in the hospital

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JACKSONVILLE, Florida (WJXT) – A Florida teen with asthma says a vaping addiction landed him in a hospital pediatric intensive care unit. Now he and his family want people to know just how dangerous vaping can be. Dallas Pantazi, 17, says he was vaping everyday for three months.

“And I came home one day. I walked into my older sister’s room and she was vaping and she asked me if I wanted to try it. I just didn’t stop and I got addicted to it and didn’t realize I was addicted to it until I was laying in the hospital bed and told I have holes in my lungs,” explains Pantazi.

Pantazi says he did it to fit in.

“I was the cool kid because I vaped, but look at me now, I’m sitting in the hospital with holes in my lungs, that’s not cool to me,” says Pantazi.

Pantazi’s parents didn’t realize he was Juuling and assumed he was not interested in vaping. Now that their son has been hospitalized for his condition, they want to warn others.

“If I saw my kids playing with guns, I would have said ‘no, this stops instantly. We’re going to have a sit down and were going to get through this. There’s going to be no possibility.’ This is like playing with guns. I would not allow it, I would do something, but I didn’t know and because I didn’t know, I didn’t react,” explained Pantazi’s father, Thom Pantazi.

The Food and Drug Administration has called teen vaping an epidemic. Just this week, a sixth person in the U.S. died from lung disease related to vaping.

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