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WICHITA, Kansas (KSN) – Certain types of plants have qualities than can do everything from remove toxins from the air or in the ground, to help lower your stress level. One florist says caring for the bonsai plant, for example, can help you relax.

“But because of the care that is involved in making sure that it stays healthy, those are things where you get very settled when you deal with the bonsai you have a lot of focus on it but at the same time you’re also calming yourself because it’s such a small plant and you don’t want to damage it,” explained Lance Hoopai, Owner, Higdon Florist.

   Biology professor, Dr. Jim Jackson says even though you may not realize it, a relationship develops when you bring a plant into a house or work environment.

“There are things that depend upon you and it also implies that you depend upon them, we’re part of a world that is absolutely dependent upon the plants in the rain forest and the forests everywhere and having plants in your house reminds you of that responsibility I think,” said Dr. Jackson.

   In addition to brightening up an otherwise plain room, plants can also clear the air so to speak.

 The results of a study of plants on the International Space Station conducted by NASA showed some common house plants were found to help purify the air on the station filtering out chemicals like benzene, t.c.e., and formaldehyde.

“One of the neatest things is to buy a bunch of amaryllis bulbs, plant those in your house and at first they’re kind of grubby and little but in no time flat they have grown up and blossomed and it’s amazing to see, it’s really like animated art,” explained Dr. Jackson.

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