Essential oils: Are they good for you?

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HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) – Essential oils are widely used for aroma therapy and treating certain ailments, but while many claim to be health enhancing, can they actually be harmful?

Eessential oils are not regulated by any agency and doctors say you should be aware of certain factors before delving into them.

“Most of the patients seem to use essential oils to help them get some rest some of them are using them for pain,” says Dr. Christine Le of the Kelsey Seybold Clinic.

The oils are derived from plants, and people use them to treat everything from acne to blood pressure.

Dr. Le says before using essential oils, you should learn how they will affect you.

“Probably the smallest amount will help patients because we just don’t know how it will affect the body, how it gets absorbed by the kidneys, and also it may fight different prescription medicines,” Dr. Le says.

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