Continuing weight struggle leads Florida man to write book to inspire others

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SARASOTA, Florida (SNN) – A Florida man says his weight battle has defined his entire life. Now he hopes his book his will not only share his struggle but help others going through the same battle.

Jon Stanton says he’s always struggled with his weight.

He never did anything about it, until he reached 430 pounds.

“My doctor looked at me and pretty much said you’re a ticking time bomb,” said Stanton.

He changed his diet, started working out and lost 230 pounds over two years.

“A lot of people were telling me you should write a book you should write a book,” explained Stanton, “and I planned for it to be this rah rah kind of a book you can do it too.. but then I started gaining weight again.”

So he put the book aside for awhile.

“I’d left my job, was looking for something new to do, and I thought you know, I’ll pull that book back out and write the real story. The lifelong struggle and battle that those of us who are obese really have to deal with,” said Stanton.

Stanton says many who are 100-plus pounds overweight have mental health issues, like depression and low self esteem.

“It’s really difficult to stay motivated but in the book I talk about those realities and also what you can do to stay inspired and encouraged.” 

Stanton had two goals in writing this book.

“Help others like me to understand they’re not alone.”

He also wants to enlighten those who have never struggled with their weight.

“To see a window into the lives of those of us who do.”

 He’s gained about 100 pounds back.

 “I haven’t gone all the way back up thankfully and I’m fighting to keep that from happening.”

He hopes people gain something from his story.

 “Understanding, gain empathy, maybe to understand too that its not as easy as ‘just don’t eat so much.”

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