1 in 9,000 odds: Family welcomes triplets, grows into family of 7

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DALLAS, Tx (KXAS) – A family from Texas is welcoming triplets born without the help of fertility drugs. It’s a miracle doctors say only happens to one in every nine-thousand couples. But that’s only the beginning of this remarkable story.

Carlos Wollenstein and Dalit Bielaz celebrated the arrival of three healthy babies. A huge surprise for anyone but especially a couple already raising multiples. Their other children, 4-year-old twins Orly and Lian were born preemies in the same hospital and  delivered by the same doctor who brought their siblings into the world.

For many years, the couple simply wished for one healthy birth after several  miscarriages. Though they never planned to become a family of 7, they’re grateful for two healthy, amazingly natural pregnancies as they prepare to tackle the chaos. 

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