Have you heard of e-skimming? You may want to pay attention


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A lot of you may have heard of skimming when it to places like gas stations. Crooks put an actual device somewhere on or inside the gas pump and capture credit card or debit card numbers.

Well, it seems skimming has gone high tech.

“What they do is they look for every website out there that has little holes in it and they put their malware packages there and it steals credit card data and the next thing you know you’re getting fraudulent charges on your credit card bill,” said Matthew Romano who is a Chief Technology and Information Security Officer.

E-skimming allows scammers access to online shopping sites which can give them access to your information. But there are things you can do.

“One, is don’t save your credit cards online at these shopping sites,” says Romano. “Some companies will ask you if you want to save your credit card for next time? But it’s not a good idea.”

He says:

1) Never save card information on these sites
2) Always log off a site by clicking the log off button (even if it’s hard to find)
3) Never use public WiFi
4) Don’t use your debit card for online purchases. If that number is compromised your bank account could be drained. Disputing credit card purchases is easie

Romano says if you are at a coffee shop, for example, it would be better to use “cellular data on your phone because it’s more protected.”

“The other thing you can do is try virtual credit cards,” he told us.

Romano says some banks offer what is known as a “virtual credit card number”. You plug in that number for online purchases and it attaches to your real credit card. But the real credit card number can not be retrieved.

“Also, every place you shop these days has something called ‘two-factor authentication’ and it can involve getting a one time code texted to you,” he said.

Romano says he uses two-step authentication anytime he shops online. He says always be aware because crooks are looking for new ways to get your information.

“These guys are just always trying to rattle the door to see you know once it’s unlocked and they’re going to try to get in,” said Romano.

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