Gruesome details revealed in second day of Jerry Chambers’ trial


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – For the second day this week, state prosecutors presented their case against Jerry Chambers Jr., who is facing more than a dozen charges in connection to a drive-by shooting and deadly car crash.

In total, Chambers faces 14 different charges, including three counts of felony murder, vehicular homicide, and aggravated assault.

The trial stems from an incident after July 4th celebrations back in 2017. Police say Chambers was driving a white SUV when shots were fired from the vehicle near City Market, one of Savannah’s busiest areas.

Surveillance video presented in court Wednesday shows crowds of people running away from the SUV. Prosecutors and investigators identified other people in the video who they say fired back.

Police say officers chased after the SUV — which may have reached speeds of up to 120 miles per hour — until Chambers hit a pedestrian and then a pole. The pedestrian and two passengers inside the car died. 20-year-old Gabriel Magulias and 17-year-old Spencer Stuckey were the two passengers.

The pedestrian was later identified as a beloved restaurant manager, Scott Waldrup, whose body was cut in half during the crash. Police say his body parts were swiftly covered with pink sheets. They were pointed out by prosecutors Wednesday during a presentation of drone video taken by police on the night of the incident.

During the trial, Chambers’ defense attorney raised issues with certain pieces of evidence. At one point, he argued that pictures of the crash were too gruesome to show to jurors.

Judge Karpf allowed prosecutors to present most of the photos to show the location of the car and who was sitting where.

The judge said sidebar conversations about evidence objections got “intense” and “heated.” He eventually asked both parties to “restrain themselves” for the rest of the trial.

Witnesses will continue to testify Thursday when the trial continues into its third day. If Chambers is found guilty, he could face a life sentence.

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