Group working to keep Lowcountry students connected to teachers, classmates


Beaufort County, SC (WSAV) – Some local good samaritans have teamed up with Lowcountry schools to try and help with online learning.

It is a group without a name, just a mission.

The goal? To help every student in Beaufort County to be able to go online and get not just their lesson but feedback and a chance to see their classmates again.

Many famailies don’t have computers, or even internet connectivity.

That’s when people from the area began looking at ways to help. they found out while computers were too expensive, Amazon Kindles were a better price and allowed for the connectivity young students needed.

The group has bought 60 Kindles so far. the hope is to take care of Red Cedar students

“I have four kids, not that far from agees of the ones at this school,” said Catherine Donelson. “The thought that my son would not be able to connect with his teacher, or not be able to connect with his classmates given the already traumatic experience these kids are facing, I mean they went on spring break and never came back. and they don’t understand why.”

“If you picture it almost everybody in the class is in and you are out, you are isolated, this si not the time to be isolated,” explained Dr Kathleen Corley, Red Cedar Elementary Principal.

Dr Corley says while people have done a great job helping her students, there are hundreds, if not thousands more in need all over the County.

The group now wants to expand the program, with more donations, to Whale Branch Elementary next, and hopefully to even more schools both North and South of the Broad River.

If you would like to make a difference and buy a Kindle, which only costs about $50.

You can drop it off at Red Cedar Elementary from 9 a.m.-Noon Monday through Friday.

If you would like to make a donation fr help another schools, Catherine Donelson and Dr Corley are working with the school system to help.

You can contact Catherine Donelson at (843)338-2069.

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