Group in Bulloch County aims to help families of victims with unsolved cases


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV)- A support group in Bulloch County is helping families of murder victims, whose cases are still unsolved.

“You Are Not Alone,” it’s the name of the support group started by Charlene Brady. The goal is to create a space where families of missing people or murder victims can speak openly and comfortably, about their struggles.

” We’re kind of just reaching out to people that feel alone and coping with something alone to let them know that we’re here. To let them know they have support from our group and to encourage others who want to reach out to join,” Brady said.

Brady’s sister Cynthia Hill was murdered over 30 years ago in the Stiles motel in Statesboro. She was 21 at the time. Since then the family has had no answers as to who killed Hill.

Brady mentioned the group was formed to help others, but it has also helped her heal.

“It’ helped me feel a whole lot better with things. I started to see how I can express myself in a different way to release some of the pain by knowing that it’s someone else out there that’s going through the same thing,” Brady explained.

Brady added that coming together isn’t just about comforting each other, it’s about finding answers. That’s why she said the Statesboro Police Department is invited to meetings.

The group is holding a vigil next month, September 14 at the Bulloch County Courthouse to bring awareness to their families unsolved cases.

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