Going for the Gold: Watchmaker will be curling for gold in South Korea


Dominik Maerki is a unique guy. He’s from Switzerland, spent four years in watchmaker school there, and now lives and has his own business in Arkansas, all while training for the Olympics.

Maerki’s day job is fixing watches and clocks, but in his spare time, you’ll find him at the local ice skating rink.

Dominik said he starting playing curling early in life, “I believe it was 5 or 6 years old, my dad he played curling.”

And he was good. He played for his national team as a teen but gave up much of that world-class competition until recently when he got a call from the Swiss National Team aiming at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

“‘Do you wanna play with us’, and I was really surprised, couldn’t believe it at first.”

So Dominik started practicing, he said: “I’ll be ready in February to go to South Korea and play for Switzerland.”

Dominik is competing with Switzerland in the European Championships and if all goes well, he will likely be heading to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

In this exclusive web extra below, he talks to reporter Aaron Nolan about explaining his sport to Americans.

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