Girlfriend of murdered Fort Stewart soldier testifies in cold case trial 14 years later


The trial began Tuesday in the 14-year-old cold case murder of a Fort Stewart Army Captain. In opening statements Assistant District Attorney, Isabel Pauley, claimed that 27-year-old Scott Corwin was targeted by 34-year-old Deon Jones while he was looking for someone to rob that night. She says when Corwin fought back, Jones shot him and fled.

“He has gotten away with this, ladies and gentleman, for 14 years, this week is his day of reckoning,” Pauley told the jury, “The evidence is going to show he murdered Scott Corwin on May 29th, 2004 and he’s proud of it.”

The lead Defense Attorney, Richard Darden, argued this cold case is too old to prove with no actual evidence. He said the witnesses we’ll hear from are all ‘snitches who want money’ and are not credible. 

“Let me tell you what the evidence is in this case. The evidence is snitches and money, that’s what this case is about,” Darden said.

The first day of trial was not easy for family and friends of Corwin with testimony and evidence from those who were there the night Corwin was shot and killed.

The trial began with emotional 9-1-1 calls and then, Corwin’s girlfriend, who was with him that night, took the stand. 

“He was bleeding, the look on his face, he was scared…. he was lying on the ground,” Davis testified, “I called 9-1-1, I remember him bleeding…he couldn’t talk… I wanted to tell him that he was going to be okay and that I loved him… But I could tell he wasn’t going to be okay.”

The jury also heard from a nurse who left her home to help and several people who were at the scene, but none of them saw who shot Corwin, including Davis who can’t remember much through the trauma.

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