Georgia Southern student-athletes logging thousands of community service hours


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Southern athletes have been rolling up their sleeves to give back. The University’s athletics department is among the top 25 in NCAA division one teams for logging community service hours, according to Helper Helper Report.

Georgia Southern athletes landed the number 12 spot on that list logging nearly 19,000 hours of community service. The sports players are giving back by participating in activities such as reading to children and being apart of area clean-ups.

The Eagles baseball team led the department with the most service hours totaling 8,352, and the softball team followed with 3,422. The University’s football team racked up around 500 hours. That’s the most volunteering of any division one team in that rank in the country.

Cornerback Kindle Vildor said the hours he spends serving others makes him proud.

“It’s always good to give back. I mean because where you come from it just shows if you can make it anyone else can,” Vildor said.

Vildor also said he volunteers because growing up he wishes others in the community were there for him, and he wants to give to others what he didn’t get as a child.

“Going out there and just hanging out with the kids, just going out there and throwing the football with them,” Vildor said. “Helping out with their field day because growing up I didn’t really have that a lot. This is just something I want to give back to them.”

Georgia Southern’s athletes volunteered with 39 different community organizations throughout the 2018-2019 school year. The university’s athletics director Tom Kleinlein said volunteering is not required, but it teaches there’s more to life than sports.

“It’s something that we emphasize as our core pillars of the athletic department. It’s a culture within our athletic department and it’s basically based around the ability to come here and serve the communities that serve you,” Kleinlein said.

Vildor added he hopes athletes at Georgia Southern push themselves even harder next year to earn a higher ranking on the community service list.

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