STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – QB1 is back with his team in Statesboro. According to Georgia Southern University, quarterback Shai Werts passed a drug test and returned to practice with the team Sunday morning.

The junior signal caller was arrested and charged with speeding and misdemeanor possession of cocaine during a traffic stop in Saluda, South Carolina Wednesday night.

Moving forward, Werts’ case will be handled in accordance with the Georgia Southern Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. According to the COC, Werts is still suspended for the opener against LSU as the case plays out. Per policy, Werts will miss the August 31st game if he’s convicted of the misdemeanor or the case is not adjudicated. If the charges are dropped or Werts is cleared, it is up to the athletic director and school staff to determine the disciplinary action.

According to an incident report from the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office, Werts was speeding in the county around 9 p.m. when an officer attempted to pull him over. Werts reportedly called 911 because he felt unsafe pulling over on the highway he was driving on. Once he got further into town, he pulled over.

The officer told him he should have pulled over several miles sooner, as it was a main road. Werts was placed under arrest.

The officer then asked about the white powder on the hood of the car, and Werts said it was “bird poop.” The officer tested the substance with two separate cocaine kits and both were positive. Werts claimed he had no idea where the cocaine would have come from.

“It had appeared either the substance was thrown on the vehicle and had been attempted to be washed off by the windshield wipers, and wiper fluid as there was white powder substance around the areas of the wiper fluid dispensary,” the report reads.

When told the substance tested positive for cocaine, Werts told law enforcement he didn’t know where any of that would have come from. “Everything about him and inside his vehicle made him appear as a clean person but the hood of his car was out of place”, the responding officer stated.

WSAV has requested the body cam and dashboard footage from the night of Werts’ arrest. We will continue working to bring you details on-air and on-line.