Georgia Ports prepared for Dorian

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Garden City, Ga. – (WSAV) Georgia Governor Brian Kemp gets a face to face update on storm preparations by Georgia Ports Authority. Executive Director Griffith Lynch told Kemp Port preparations, in Savannah and in Brunswick, would be completed by midnight Monday, “Governor, just know that the Georgia Ports are secured. We’re ready to go. Ah, we will try to open up operations here as quickly as we can after the storm passes. We understand by Thursday about noon weather should be returning to normal and we’ll try to get our folks back in here for a Friday opening.,” Lynch said with Kemp quickly asking about the potential speed of reopening the ports, so you can ramp up that, that quick and be back goin’?” the Governor asked, “We’ll do our best. We’ll see. Obviously it depends on the condition of the channel, the buoys, and so forth and what kind of winds we receive, Lynch answered.

The ports crews worked to secure both containers and cranes to protect them from potentially damaging winds. Lynch said work at both ports would be completed and all personnel, except Port Police, would be free to evacuate Tuesday morning. Police will remain to monitor the situation as the storm passes the region.

Georgia’s Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency Director, Homer Bryson, offered advice to people in the Coastal Empire living outside the evacuation zone, west of Interstate 95, “If that storm, if it tracks closer to our state….if it becomes to move, if it does move closer to our coastline and maintains that strength, then the governor has the authority and we’ll be very proactive of extending those evacuations orders if we need to,” Bryson said. Kemp shared a message to those in the mandatory evacuation zone who plan to ride out the impact of Dorian, “I would tell people it is not worth risking your life. Your, your possessions can be replaced, your life and your family can not,” Kemp said.

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