ATLANTA (WXIA) — Georgia lawmakers are moving forward with a proposal that would prevent the state government from issuing non-English communications, with some exceptions.At go to the Georgia Department of Driver services and you’d find test administered in English and in 10 other languages.State Senator Joshua McCoon, (R District 29) Says it’s a slippery slope of accommodation to people he says should be speaking English.“I mean when you’re talking about the expense associated with printing these different documents, providing interpreters, where does it really end?”McKoon has produced a constitutional amendment to make English Georgia’s official language, but the bill would specifically eliminate non-English driver exams. And it would mandate English-only in state and local government communications. Exemptions include courts, schools, health and safety communications. State Representative Bee Nguyen is a Vietnamese American who says English only legislation sends to wrong message to companies like Amazon about locating in Georgia. “It’s throwback and it’s coming up in an election year,” she says. “So it does present a challenge when we are sending a message that in fact no we don’t want to make it easier for people who speak other languages.”But McKoon disagrees.  “I think the new thing is, if you don’t like a policy, you play this game and pretend that it’s going to hurt economic development.”