Georgia Democrats talk about virtual convention but say message is still clear


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) Brooks Stillwell shows me his Joe Biden hat and credentials to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. “Of course I don’t need them now,” he tells me as we sit in a Savannah at Reynolds Square.

He is one of 109 pledged delegates to the convention from Georgia who are watching the convention from their computers or televisions. He says this week delegates have been meeting several times a day online to discuss platform issues. “Zoom is not the same as being there but we’re doing the best we can,” he says.

Still, he thinks so far things are going well and says he thinks the first night included a wide variety of speakers that might not have been featured during a regular convention. “And remember why political parties hold conventions,” he said. “It’s mostly a television event for the country to introduce them to Biden and Harris and I think they can succeed in that very well.”

J. Craig Gordon, another Georgia delegate from Savannah told us she thinks the convention, virtual or not, got off to a great start Monday evening with a variety of speakers, including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Gordon says this year he doesn’t think it matters how the message is relayed in terms of having to have a virtual convention. “I think it’s just about people in America who are just so hungry and thirsty for civility and change that it doesn’t matter whether we use tin cans and a string across this nation, and you know just people who want to be part of this movement,” said Gordon.

Stillwell says while there may not be the fun of gathering in a larger crowd, he believes there is a clear message. “I think the majority of people in the country are very unhappy with Donald Trump right now and I think what the democratic party hopes to do this week is have them see why they should be for Joe Biden,” said Stillwell.

“I think there’s plenty of enthusiasm, I think there will be just an enormous turnout in November,” said Stillwell.

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