GDOT: I-16 contraflow in effect until Dorian passes


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) says traffic is ramping up Tuesday as more people evacuate to inland counties in Georgia.

With the help of Georgia State Patrol (GSP) troopers, GDOT reversed both Eastbound lanes Tuesday morning to help extra drivers evacuate.

Throughout the day, traffic came in waves. In the early afternoon, GDOT reported that traffic was flowing “at the speed limit.”

On Monday, GDOT says Westbound traffic increased by 55 percent.

GDOT says I-16’s eastbound lanes will be reversed until Hurricane Dorian passes by the area.

“We really have to wait and see what the storm does,” said Jill Nagel, a communications specialist for GDOT.

When the storm passes, GDOT says traffic will return to normal.

But first, Nagel says GDOT crews will clear any debris blocking the roadway. Crews will start clearing the shoulder and outer lanes to allow emergency and power vehicles to pass.

After that, crews will start clearing other lanes to allow cars to pass.

GDOT says it is up to individual counties to allow people back into evacuation zones.

Nagel says if traffic picks up, remain patient.

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