Gas prices up: What’s the outlook for that summer vacation?


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Have you noticed more of a pinch in that wallet when you go the gas pump? A lot of people have.

Gas prices in Georgia are up $0.13 in about the last month.

So if you are planning a summer vacation and you’re driving, you may want to start saving a few more pennies or maybe even dollar bills for the gas bill.

At the airport, New 3 spoke with a man named Larry, from San Diego. He said he’s used to gas that costs $4 a gallon so the $2.99 price at the sign by one of the stations looked pretty good to him.  

“It’s the summer driving season, they’re going to rip us off as always,” he said of climbing prices.

Larry may be right about one thing: summer blend gasoline normally costs more and refineries are in the process of producing those lighter, summer blends now.

“You get better mileage with the different summer blend it’s more expensive to produce and unfortunately the cost is passed on to the motorist,” said Montrae Waiters from AAA Auto Club. “And local supply and demand is always a factor in price.”

The average price in Georgia this week is $2.73 a gallon. News 3 is told that is actually just one cent higher than what gas was in the state this same time last year. However, the average price in 2018 turned out to be about $2.63 per gallon and in 2017, it was quite a bit lower at $2.30 per gallon. 

At the airport gas station, News 3 also spoke to Chaz Watkins from Savannah. “I’m only going to put in 3 gallons because of the cost here,” Watkins told News 3.

He said he’s watching every penny now. News 3 is told that most drivers are now paying at least one $1 more to fill up their tanks. 

Watkins says he’s not sure he can change his driving habits but will be on the hunt for the “cheapest gas he can find.” 

AAA Auto Club says some factors that consistently affect the price (of gasoline) include the price and supply of crude oil as well as local and state gas taxes along with “local supply and demand.”

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