Gas prices may inch higher over Memorial Day holiday


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) If you’re planning a road trip over Memorial Day, join the crowd. With many COVID restrictions finally easing, AAA Auto Club Group expects travel to be up in Georgia by 62 percent.

“We expect a big increase in what we call ‘revenge’ travel, these are people that really in some cases haven’t been able to vacation in over two years,” said Garret Townsend who is a spokesman for AAA Auto Club Group.

While you may be happy to be hitting the road, you will pay more for gas, at least 10 cents more than last month and up to one dollar more than last year when less driving from the pandemic causes prices to drop.

“Right now in Georgia prices are 2.93 a gallon for regular unleaded,” said Townsend.

In Savannah, we found prices near the higher mark and ranging down to about $2.75 a gallon.

Monday, the average price in Savannah was about $2.91 a gallon compared to $2.78 last month and $1.81 last year.

“It’s usually about Memorial Day when we see the peak of prices for the year,” says Townsend. “It could possibly go up but how much is difficult to say.”

Townsend says the Colonial pipeline is back in service and there “is enough supply out there to meet the demand.”

He says with more drivers on the road, AAA Auto Club Group is urging people to remember and follow safety rules.

“More people on the road means that safety is more important and that’s our message to take the necessary safety precautions,” says Townsend.

Wherever your destination, Townsend says that people are so anxious to travel they don’t necessarily expect a lot of grumbling about how much they have to pay for gas.

“We don’t believe that prices are going to deter people from getting on the road,” he said.

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