Gas lines extend to highway, Hurricane Matthew Preparation

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BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. – “Our goal is to make sure that you basically get 100 miles away from the coast,” Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s Governor, said. “So wherever you are on the coast, we want you to get a hundred miles away from that.”

Lines of cars along highways with drivers fueling up on gas is how low country residents are preparing to get out of town.

“Trying to gas up and get our clothes packed,” Sarah Orr, who lives on Hilton Head, said. “I have to go back and try and figure out where we’re going.”

“We’re leaving in the morning,” Ron Montgomery, who also lives on Hilton Head, said. “Evacuating.”

But that’s not been so easy for some on Hilton Head.

“We were at a station for 30 minutes and just as we pulled in they ran out of gas,” Montgomery said.

“We got in line and by the time we got up to the pump it was out of gas,” Orr said. “A lady came out to let everybody know that they was out of gas.”

And that’s a big concern for nearly everyone on the island.

“They should’ve been prepared for us,” Orr said. “They knew that it was coming so they should’ve had enough gas.”

Especially if you end up driving on the highway. Ron Montgomery says he’s been through this before. He’s learned it’s always safe to fuel up before and avoid the interstate if possible.

“If it jams us you’re stopped,” Montgomery said. “You can’t go anywhere. So, we’re going the back roads.”

But the governor is asking everyone to stick to the marked evacuation routes. Some are still praying that it won’t happen at all.

“Wishin that it don’t happen,” Orr said. “Wishin’ that the storm don’t come.”

Those stations out of gas should have fuel by seven Wednesday morning.

Governor Haley says the evacuation will be in full force at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

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