FUGITIVE FILES: 18 Year old Fraud Suspect


A teenager is now wanted by Savannah Police for the adult crime of credit card fraud.

“We don’t want this to happen to anyone else, and we don’t want this individual to keep doing this,” Savannah Police Detective Kristen Davis.

What police say Kimberlie Nieves Colon is doing is using someone else’s credit card to go on a shopping spree.

“It started at Planet Fitness where individuals broke into a car and stole a bag that had personal identification items, credit cards, gift cards, laptop,” explains the Detective, “Within the hour she was seen over at Target purchasing about $2000 worth of things on a stolen credit card.”

Nieves Colon was caught walking out of Target on a surveillance camera. Police put her picture out to the public.. and quickly got a response.

“I had 3 individuals who were able to identify Ms Nieves,” said Davis.

Kimberlie Nieves Colon is 5’2″ 187 pounds. She is accused of credit card transaction fraud, and lives in the Savannah area.

If you can help find her, contact Savannah Police or call Crimestoppers at (912) 234-2020.

Remember all tips are anonymous, and if yours leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

If the suspect is watching.

“It makes everything easier just to turn yourself in instead of running away from it,” said Detective Davis.

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