FTC: Georgia top ranking in identity theft; how to protect yourself

Georgia had the highest number of identity theft reports nationwide last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The study shows that per 100,000 Georgians — there were 229 reports of identity theft.

According to one expert at Georgia Southern, those numbers are relative to the population in the Peach State. 

“I mean look at what we do here even in our own area, in Chatham County. With the ports and stuff like that, we have a very robust economy and I think anytime you have a robust economy then that also makes you a target for various types of thefts including identity theft,” said Director of Special Programs for the Center of Applied Cyber Education, Wayne Willcox at Georgia Southern University.

Willcox says changing your password regularly and installing virus detection software on your computer are ways to improve your cyber health.

Should you face the issue of identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Government Services and Information have some helpful information.

The very first step suggested is to protect your finances as soon as possible. Contact your bank, credit union and credit card companies.

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