Friends of Savannah Activist speak about his legacy; more information revealed about suspects


It’s been over a year since a well-known Savannah community activist was gunned down in East Savannah.

Shawntray Grant, known as “Puff” to his friends and loved ones was killed in June of 2018 and News 3 is learning more about the suspects charged in his death.

“He was just a person that wanted better for our community. So when you think of Puff and the loss, you think about what could’ve been. People are killing dreams in Savannah,” said Linda Wilder Bryan.

The case was cold for months until investigators made two arrests connected to Grant’s murder in March.

Osha Dunham and Nelaunte Grant, no relation, are listed in a massive 108 page indictment from the Chatham County Grand Jury.

According to the indictment, the two face several charges including murder, Aggravated Assault and a violation of the Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act.

The indictment also alleges Grant’s murder was triggered by an Armed Robbery.

“Everybody in the City of Savannah deserves to live. They deserve to encourage. They deserve to be the best that they can be, but they can’t if we allow people to take their lives away, take over their community and turn it into something that it’s not,” said Detric Leggett.

The two suspects face a court date in August.

“Moving forward, the work never stops you know? Even though Puff lost his life and even if it was one of us, he would still be out here fighting and giving information. He’d still be out here trying to feed these kids and we’ll still be supporting each other day in and day out,” said Leggett.

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