Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club planning for the future



Many of you have already seen—or maybe even shared—the post on your Facebook that reads, Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club property “up for sale.”

But WSAV News 3 spoke to the Executive Director, Vincent DelMonte, to get some answers and he says there’s no need to worry.

The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club main goal is to service more kids in Savannah and they can’t do that at their current location on East Charlton Street in Savannah, DelMonte said.

“The building is looking it’s age, feeling it’s age. We’re landlocked, we can’t expand by any means, because of historical restrictions.”

The organization is looking to relocate to a larger facility in the future, so in turn, they had to put the property up for sale.

“We hope to double the space at least. We’re locked into 13,000 square feet of programmable space…and at most we can put 150-200 kids at any given time in this building. When you hit over 150, it’s tight. We see it every summer…you know, we see that every summer, there’s a cry and need for programming. We’re very affordable for all their kids and our families. We have to turn kids way and it breaks our hearts. So the only thing we can do is expand,” DelMonte told News 3.

Right now, the Executive Director says they’re excited for relocation and are looking at a few possibilities for locations. No word yet on when the move will take place, he says it could take anywhere from a couple of months, to a couple of years.

DelMonte says he’s also planning to launch a busing program in the future.

But even with the changes coming in the future, one thing’s for sure, the club’s services will not be interrupted.

We will update you on this story as more information becomes available.

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