SEABROOK, S.C. (WSAV) — More than four years after the crime, a Beaufort County mother is still begging for someone to track down her son’s killer.

“It is not just that they took his life but they threw him in a ditch like he was trash. That makes it even harder,” said D’Andra Green, Sean Aiken’s Mother.

That was D’Andra Green talking to News 3 back in 2018 about finding her son Sean Aiken’s body in a ditch along Seabrook Center Road.

Green fighting for her justice for her son, Sean Aiken, in 2018:

Emotions that are still just as strong 4 years later.

“When I went to him and touched his hand and it was ice cold. That was the moment when I realized someone murdered my son,” said an emotional Green.

The 28-year-old Aiken was killed on July 18, 2018.

Investigators say he was at a house party when an armed suspect came in.

Aiken ran but didn’t get very far.

Shot and killed, his body was found close to home, but on the ground, in the weeds.

“What they did to my son was wrong,” a defiant Green said. “I feel like it took a coward to shoot someone who couldn’t defend themselves back.”

Green says she still mourns every day for Sean.

She joined multiple grief groups, tried meditation, and did anything that may help.

But still, when she is in town, she can’t bring herself to spend time at his grave

“Even now I will go there and tell them I’m sorry I will come back when I am stronger. But I haven’t gotten there yet.”

That’s why she came back more than four years later, asking News 3 for help. Looking for strength from someone else, someone who may know something or has seen something that night, anything that may help her answer two questions: Who did it? And, why?

“People keep on thinking that if you talk you are a snitch,” said Green. “No, because this keeps happening in Beaufort. It is not just my son getting killed, it’s murders all the time there. It’s like the wild wild west in Beaufort because no one wants to tell on the people running around taking people’s lives. It is not going to stop until someone takes the people off the street who are doing these horrendous things.”

“I need the truth. I have to learn to forgive. That’s the hardest thing I have been going through. I know I have to forgive the person that did this. I am going to have to forgive them. For my sanity, for my peace. But they still deserve to be in prison for what they did to my boy.”

“I won’t let his memory go away I won’t let his face go away. There he is too. I can’t give up. I truly believe he deserves justice”

Beaufort County Sheriff’s are insistent this is not a cold case. They also say while Sean was gay, that did not have anything to do with his murder.

It was just a couple of weeks ago investigators interviewed people in connection to this murder to try and find out some of those answers.

If you can help them call Beaufort County Sheriff’s investigators or make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.