Fort Gordon, GA – A possible mold problem at Fort Gordon hit social media and gained a lot of attention.  Now, leaders there are working to get to the bottom on the complaint.  The Facebook post blasted Fort Gordon leadership for not doing a good job completing work orders.  High ranking officials are working to learn more about the source of the post.

“Hey Fort Gordon, lose a work order?”  That’s how this Facebook post from Wednesday morning started, blaming the post for mold in barracks so bad it’s growing on pillows.  A former soldier,who only wants to go by his first name, told News Channel 6 when he saw the post on the page he wasn’t surprised.

“This is normal or somewhat normal.  It’s not everywhere, of course, but I’ve seen it before and dealt with it a little bit personally myself,” said Aaron.

More photos show mold on a desk chair, sink, pool table and the ceiling.  The soldier utilizing these items remained unidentified. That solder did claim the room was covered in mold every three to four days.  Once bleached, the mold returns.  And Aaron, who was once stationed at Fort Hood in Texas said the mold can affect work.

He said, “Mold the way it affects your body and your respiratory system, we have to constantly run, we have to constantly train, and march and things like that.  If our respiratory system is not operating at its peak and not being able to push forward, it can be detrimental.”

The post goes on to blast higher ranking officials, saying the soldier’s command informed them the issues were elevated to garrison, but only small fixes that didn’t work were done.

Fort Gordon Chief of Public Affairs Kimberly Wintrich released this statement:Fort Gordon officials have become aware of concerns regarding some barracks facilities, and are currently researching the validity of those concerns. Soldiers are always encouraged to bring issues through their chain of command or through an online system, Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE), which goes directly to the Garrison Commander. The welfare of all our service members is always our number one priority and we will do everything we can to ensure the living conditions on post are maintained to standard.

“Sometimes they don’t necessarily do the right thing like they should, especially with barracks like that where they are coming and going constantly.  They just say I’m not here in a week, I’ll just deal with it. They don’t realize the health hazards so sometimes the soldiers drop the ball,” Aaron explained.

We reached out to Fort Gordon and hope to hear more from the leadership there by tomorrow.