Bobby and Jenny Dammarell, the owners of the Savannah, now Southern Steam Arena football team have faced allegations of money mismanagement and fraud for more than a year now.

News 3 aired a story Thursday night with more claims, this time connected to their construction company, B D Builders.

Just minutes after that story finished, we got emails and messages from more alleged victims of fraud and work never finished.

“They’ve gotten $8300 from us and this is all they’ve done,” said John Hillard, Church Deacon.

All they’ve done at the cemetery next to the church is not much.

Back in April, the Dammarell’s signed papers to take out all the brush, trees, and the old fence surrounding the graves.

But months later it’s all still there.

The rod iron fence in front of the cemetery and cyclone fence on the sides they were supposed to buy and put up with the church’s money, is nowhere to be found.

After not showing at the church for weeks, Deacons say the Dammarells showed up for a couple hours in May, cut down one or two trees and left. They didn’t come back.

Church members gave the couple $8300, but all they got in return were excuses.

“$4300 in advance to build the fence with. they said they’d be back with the material to fix the fence with,” explains First Baptist Deacon John Hilliard. They said in 10 days they’d be back for $4000 to get the equipment and clear the trees. This is all they did and they hadn’t been back since.”

“They (Bobby and Jenny Dammarell) told me they spoke to someone at Badger Rentals and they said because of rain they couldn’t rent the equipment,” said Lucretia Hilliard, First Baptist Clerk. “I spoke to someone at Badger rental and they said we didn’t say that and I don’t even know who they are.”

Only after seeing News 3’s story Thursday night did the church members realize they weren’t alone. They went to Bryan County Sheriff’s to file a complaint Friday.

“I’m frustrated,” says Jennifer Piscopo. I know I’m not going to see my money ever again, I would prefer to get my money back than fight her in court and send her to jail, that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Jennifer Piscopo says Jenny Dammarell took $1000 from her.. and never finished the job she signed up for.

Dammarell was contracted to build a fence around Piscopo’s yard in April. But as pictures show she put up approximately three posts, left some boards behind, but never finished the fence.

Piscopo says the text messages she got back from Dammarell show another series of excuses from a lack of equipment to injuries to once again, the weather.

When Piscopo threatened legal action two months later, Jenny Dammarell shut off all contact.

Piscopo has already filed a civil suit and talked to the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office Friday.

Piscopo says they told her what Dammarell did “is” considered criminal, theft by deception, and she could be charged because she has a history of the same crime.

Jennifer says she will file criminal charges against Jenny Dammarell next week.