Flu shots being urged this season


Richmond Hill, Ga. (WSAV) – With the number of Covid cases increasing, medical experts are warning there may be another problem on the horizon, i.e. flu season. At CVS in Richmond Hill,
MinuteClinic practitioner Ingrid Stier says they already have people getting flu shots every day.

“Believe it or not we are already seeing flu cases unlike last year when we saw very little flu activity,” said Stier. “Even during January which is the typical peak of flu season because everybody was masking and socially distancing and staying home but right now we are already seeing the first cases of flu.”

Nationwide, there are already some health models that indicate it could be a severe flu season coming up, with three times the number of people potentially hospitalized. But as Covid cases and hospitalization are going up in many parts of the country, there’s concern about flu patients also needed care.

“We are more used to the flu it but it can still be dangerous and we still have people that are admitted to the hospital,” said Stier. “And with that, we don’t want to place any more burden to the hospital system with the flu, we can totally prevent that.”

She also says if you do come in for a flu shot, you can get the Covid-19 vaccine at the same time

“The Center of Disease Control does say that if you have not had the Covid 19 that you can get them on the same day, you can take care of both of them,” said Grier.

She says CVS has both the flu and Covid vaccine and that in many cases, you may be able to get service within a few minutes.

She also says insurance companies usually pay the cost of the flu shot.

“Come on in and bring the family,” said Stier. “It’s important for everybody to be vaccinated.”

Other pharmacies are also carrying the flu vaccine and you may also be able to get a flu shot at your doctor’s office.

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