Flu shots are recommended for pregnant women


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Tammi Brown is the Chatham County Nurse Manager and she believes in vaccines. We are talking about the flu and pertussis (\whooping cough) vaccines after a recommendation Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicated that about 65 percent of all pregnant women are not getting the shots.

The CDC, however, recommends they do and Brown agrees. “Well, we think it’s really important that pregnant women regardless of which trimester they’re in that they get their flu shot and it’s recommended that in the third trimester they also get the Tdap which helps prevent whooping cough,” says Brown.

Pregnant women may suffer more severe symptoms from the flu than other women their age and it can hurt the unborn child.

That’s because the flu vaccine that we give is for six months and up so if the mom gets the flu vaccine that helps protect the baby for the first six months,” says Brown.

Brown also says if an infant (before that six months) gets the flu or Whooping Cough that infant can suffer serious illness and even death.
Reporter, ” And what are the repercussions if your child is born with whooping cough or the flu?

Brown says for women who may not have insurance “they can come to the Health Department because we have state-supplied vaccines.”

Brown says there is a small administrative fee to get the shot from them if you do not have health coverage.

She also says despite reports over the years about vaccines that no one should fear a flu shot. “It is safe and it is effective it and is still the best way to prevent getting the flu,” Brown told us.

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