LEE COUNTY, Florida (WBBH) – Todd Wright has two children that happen to be goats.

He’s had the two goats since they were babies, and Wright said he didn’t plan to have goat kids.

“I had other plans,” said Wright. “Then I met Cory Mushrooms, and it all changed.”

Cory Mushrooms is one of the goats and her sister, and his other goat is Ellie.

“I got Ellie so Cory Mushrooms could have a friend so she could stay outside at night and not be scared and lonely,” Wright said.

Wright said they act like toddlers, and he said they make a mess when they are seeking his attention.

Wright takes his goats all around Lee County and said the feedback from the community is overwhelmingly positive for the most part.

A few years back, Wright had a traumatic motorcycle accident that caused him to have a brain injury.

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