Florida company offers $10,000 reward to anyone who finds missing firefighters


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Florida marine company is offering a $10,000 cash reward to anyone who finds the two missing firefighters who have been lost at sea since Friday.

International Marine, a company based in Boynton Beach, is offering a $10,000 reward for any boater or pilot who finds Brian McCluney and Justin Walker. The two set out for a fishing trip off of the coast of Florida Friday and have yet to return. McCluney is a veteran and a member of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, and Walker is a Fairfax, Virginia firefighter.

Michel Reimer is the CEO of International Marine and is a retired firefighter.

“We are now at crunch time,” Reimer said in a statement. “We are currently still in rescue mode and feel we can make a difference relating to the survival of these two incredible brother firefighters.”

Reimer said he hopes the reward will encourage more people who can safely and effectively join the search to do so.

“These firefighters have spent a career helping others and now we are presented with an opportunity to do the very same for them,” Reimer said. “They deserve every single ounce of effort we can put forth, and make no mistake, we will deliver.”

The Tybee Island Police Department confirmed Reimer’s offer via Twitter on Thursday.

In the six day search, the only clue found has been a tackle bag belonging to McCluney by a Savannah volunteer. It was found roughly 50 miles from Port Canaveral.

Savannah Fire Rescue’s Marine 1 sailed out Wednesday to join the U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies and volunteers in the search. Thursday, the search crews will be shifting north to the Savannah, Charleston area rather than closer to Jacksonville, where they have been searching for six days.

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Volunteers are encouraged to join in the search as long as they have access to a boat capable of working 60 miles offshore for extended periods of time. Anyone interested is asked to call 904-813-5315.

A fundraiser has also been set up through Jacksonville Firefighter Charities for people who are unable to volunteer but still want to help. Click here to donate.

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