SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Hurricane Ian may have settled to a tropical storm as of Thursday morning, but that doesn’t mean Savannah and surrounding areas are in the clear. Flooding is still expected in many places due to the storm. To be on the safe side, here are a few things to remember when it comes to flood waters and your safety.

Do NOT drink flood water

Flood water is not clean water. Do not drink it, brush your teeth with it, wash dishes with it or make food with it. The CDC recommends that you drink clean, safe water. You can learn more about what constitutes clean and safe water by clicking or tapping the link here.

Driving and flood water

Thinking of driving during a flood? Think again. Driving in a flooded area is incredibly dangerous. While you may think that your car provides necessary shelter, it can actually drift away in the flood. It can also potentially stall out when in running water. Stay safe: stay out of your car during the storm.

Don’t walk through flood water—especially flowing water

Flood water itself is already dangerous. You usually can’t see what is below it, so you have no idea what you’re stepping on, and you might even be wading through waters with downed power lines in them. Add in the factor of rushing waters and you’ve got a mess.

According to the Massachusetts government website, drownings most often occur during flash floods. Even just six inches of moving water can push you to the ground.

Your best bet is to avoid the water if at all possible and stick to dry areas. Don’t unnecessarily travel and stay indoors if it is safe for you to do so.