First group of homes on Tybee Island to receive FEMA Mitigation Funding



Some residents who live on Tybee Island received good news after a visit from Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter.

Help for properties impacted by flooding is on the way.

Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman says the city applied for flood assistance on behalf of 60 properties after Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. Now, the grant worth more about $1.5 million will be available for the first 12 homes.

“The federal government long term will save money because these properties will now be lifted out of the flood zone and more importantly, the homeowners and the families involved will be able to take advantage of this. We’re sorry it took so long,” said Buelterman.

It’s still unclear when the rest of the properties will be considered but Congressman Carter says this is a start in the right direction to address flood prone properties in the area.

“It frustrates me when we buy some of these properties two or three times. That’s just not smart,” said Congressman Carter.

75% of the 1.5 million dollar grant comes from FEMA. The other 25% is a combination of state funding and contributions from the property owner who’d receive the grant.

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