Fireworks are fun, but make sure you know the law


If you are planning to set off fireworks this fourth of July News 3 wants to make sure you’re e familiar with the law.

Also, keep in mind that extremely loud noises can be scary for some people and pets.

First and foremost it’s important to know when it’s okay to light fireworks up, legally.

In a press conference, Tuesday city officials said you can begin celebrating at 10 a-m on the fourth, but you have to wrap it up by 11:59 p.m.

“Once I wake up my adrenaline will be running and I will be awake for hours, if not all night,” said Heather Mathin, a mother of two.

Due to personal trauma, fourth of July can be more like a nightmare than a celebration for Mathis.

“For me having PTSD, any loud sudden noises that I am not expecting I’ll wake up in a panic,” said Mathis. “I’ve become super sensitive to a lot of different simulations and one of them is noise,” she explained.

Around this time of year, Mathis said she can sometimes hear fireworks going off as late as 1 am.

“When police are responding to various calls about fireworks there has been conflicting information that has been given out,” she said. “Some have said nine o’clock, some have said 10 o’clock some said 11:59.”

At the press conference Sgt. Anna Purvis with the Savannah Police Department explained, “you can shoot your fireworks, actually the cut off is at 11:59 p.m.”

“At midnight that’s when we will start enforcing the ordinance, the noise ordinance for the city,” she said.

“Having guidance and some specific windows will also help in terms of limiting the number of calls that come in mistaking fireworks for gunfire,” said Mathis. “Which is necessary, but an unfortunate waste of taxpayer money and police time.”

Mathis also suggests that neighbor get together so they are aware of who is most sensitive in their community like veterans, pets, and any others suffering from a form of PTSD.

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