Firefighters Say Smoke Alarms Play Pivotal Role in Saving Lives


“Here in South Carolina we have the unfortunate distinction of being fifth in the nation for fire fatalities last year,” Lee Levesque, Bluffton Fire Department says.

And we’ve had three fire-related fatalities in Beaufort County lately. All of which lacked properly working smoke detectors.

“We want to believe that had smoke alarms been present, had they worked appropriately, that all those folks would have gotten out and we wouldn’t be talking to you about fire fatalities today.”

Levesque says in your home, there’s no such thing as too many alarms.

“Put one in every bedroom, one outside every bedroom and one on every floor of your home, and the reason why that is is because fire is happens most between 10 and 6a.m., that we’ll be awoken, at least one if not everyone in the home can be awoken to be warned in the event of a fire.”

But adds that they must be working properly, like having fresh batteries installed.

“When you change your clock, change your battery. They don’t know that some smoke alarms don’t even need a batteries. They are what they call 10-year sealed alarms, and in those cases every ten years the alarms need to be replaced.”

Having a smoke detector that works properly, as well as an indoor sprinkler system are two of the three things that firefighters call the “trifecta” of life saving tools. The other is a working fire extinguisher. and they say having these tools could mean the difference between life and death.”

“We need to know ahead of time, as early as possible when there’s a fire, smoke alarms absolutely get us that notification.”

To contact the Bluffton Fire Department you can go to or call them at (843)757-2800

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