SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Two gang related crimes in one Savannah neighborhood have Feiler Park neighbors taking action.

Officers found 37-year-old Carlton Frazier near West 57th street and Crane street Sunday. He died from his injuries. Saturday night, another man was shot just a few blocks away near Montgomery and 51st streets. He is expected to recover.

We reached out to neighborhood leaders about the violence that is unusual for the neighborhood according to what crime reports show.

“I’ve never been familiar with anything like this. So it just really, for Feiler Park just totally threw me for a loop because it was so unexpected,” says neighbor Debra Allred

Blue lights and crime scene tape two nights in a row in Feiler Park. This comes after the neighborhood had not seen any violence in months.

“The police patrols have increased greatly out here,” says neighborhood president Betty Jones adding that, “I know some people will say I don’t see them, but I do see them and I do see them quite often.”

Violent and non violent crime was dropping by double digits in the area this year compared to years past. Now neighborhood leaders are asking their neighbors to take action, to not take these crimes as a setback, but a motivator.

“When things happen, I have determined that it’s not going to allow me to live in fear. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t use wisdom, I’m just not going to be out and about at all house of the night. I will use wisdom, but I also refuse to live in fear,” says Allred who also serves on the neighborhood association board.

Allred and Jones are asking on neighbors to create a neighborhood watch.

“Maybe they’re frightened so they don’t say anything to the police, but here at our neighborhood association meetings is some place they can come and share their suspicions, ‘I’m not sure, but I think,'” says Allred.

Metro does not know if the crimes are linked but have come out calling them gang related. Jones and Allred both agree police are doing what they can and that it’s up to neighbors to keep gangs from moving in.

“Maybe something like this will encourage neighbors to come out to the meetings and share what they see,” Allred says.

The Feiler Park Neighborhood Association meets the second Tuesday of each month. They will meet next week at the community center at 601 W 61st Street.