Feed the Hungry digs in to Garden City’s newest, and largest community garden


GARDEN CITY, Ga (WSAV) – Feed The Hungry Inc in Garden City is starting a new chapter to their work for our area. From giving food handouts to now launching a community garden in Garden City.

“For seven years, we’ve been giving out food and giving out food, now we want to focus on showing people on how to grow their own food,” says Feed the Hungry CEO Carl Gilliard.

Now volunteers with Feed The Hungry are digging in to what will be the largest and first community garden of it’s kind in Garden City.

“We can take the produce that we have, healthy produce and feed more people without going to a wholesaler or a manufacturer,” Gilliard adds.

They are actively seeking volunteers and you can get in touch with the nonprofit at (912) 349-0774 or on their website.

Gilliard says the garden program has been a longtime coming. With the help of Atlanta garden experts from Let’s Grow and United Healthcare, Feed The Hungry hopes to build sustainable lifestyles around the community.

“They give people an example, they also empower them to see just how easy it can be to grow food,” says the head of Let’s Grow Uriah Yisrael.

This community garden will have more than 8 plots of various fruits and vegetables. Produce that Gilliard says many senior citizens can’t afford or have access to nearby.

“We are in an area that is considered a food desert that there’s probably one grocery store so this is majorly important to the community.”

Gilliard plans to launch ten community gardens in total before the year is out across savannah and garden city.

“If I’m giving a bag to Mrs. Jones seven years later and she is still in my line, I have failed and it’s time for Feed the Hungry to go to the next stage of sustainability and get Mrs. Jones out of the line and into being sustainable.”

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