FCC warns of new ‘one ring’ scam, says do not call back

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – “You get a call at 3 in the morning and you’re thinking something must be wrong,” Vonnecia Holmes told me.

We’re in her living room in Port Wentworth after she called News 3 to warn about what we both now know as the “One Ring” scam.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is urging consumers nationwide to be on the lookout for these “middle of the night” calls. They’re telling consumers do not answer the calls and do not call the number back. 

The idea is that you will be placing an international phone call with the scammer getting most of the money.

Holmes says she received two calls early Wednesday morning. “At first it was scary because I’m thinking something has happened to our son or another family member because we have family all over the United States,” she told me. 

“I looked at my phone and saw I had two missed calls from that number so the first thing you automatically do is what? You call that number back,” she said.  

Again, the FCC says do not call back. Holmes says she knows better, but the call in the middle of the night made her believe she should make sure no one was in trouble.

She knows now that’s exactly how the scam is designed to work and she wants to warn others.

“Some people can be taken in to call and then they’ve lost their money and it’s not right you know that there are people out there doing that and taking someone else’s money,” Holmes said.

She said she checked with her wireless carrier to make sure she would not face any charges and was told she would not. Her carrier also told her it was aware of the scam in other parts of the country.

“Well now I can attest to the fact that it’s in our area as well,” she told me.

The number on her phone (and her husband’s phone) was 245-514-7775.

I also received calls as did several coworkers and viewers. The number on my phone was 245-514-7778.

The FCC says ignore these calls or try to block the numbers and whatever you do, do not call back.

If you receive one of these calls report it to the FCC online.

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