Family searching for answers, after wife found dead at Ft. Stewart


FORT STEWART, Ga., (WSAV) — It’s been nine months since a soldier’s wife was found dead on post at Fort Stewart. Since then investigators have not released any new information.

Abree Boykin,24, was found dead at her home on post in July. Her husband called military police for a welfare check when she missed their 3 a.m. call. He was deployed in Korea at the time.

The family still questioning exactly what happened. But they’re giving investigators a time limit before they decide to take legal action.

“Abree was loved by so many. She had her whole life ahead of her. She was just bigger than life all in itself,” her aunt Arnitra King says.

King did not want to show her face on camera for medical reasons. She says the family is left wondering what happened to a wife, daughter, and a sister.

“The number one question is how? Yes, a woman was found on base. My niece was found. But she was found in her home. In her home,” King said with emotion.

Investigators say Boykin’s Honda Accord was stolen but as far as we know, it’s never been found. Family members say there are still many questions left unanswered.

“How does a perpetrator get on base. Even if it was somebody that came on base with her I will say that even if someone came on base with her where is the camera footage, where’s that? Where is the footage of her car leaving the bases? Where’s that? Like somebody has to know something,” King said.

Security is tight, cameras surround the base and every ID is checked before entering. Which is why the family says they don’t understand how this happened and that someone should be held responsible.

“If somebody was checking ids. If somebody was looking at cameras. Yes, this is heartfelt, this is something that needs to address. Someone needs to be held accountable for their part not just to the killer,” King says.

The family says they’re giving investigators until July to provide them with closure. If not they plan to seek legal action. The FBI is currently leading the investigation.

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