Family of veteran gunned down at Savannah ATM still searching for answers


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Thursday marks 10 years since someone gunned down a local veteran at a Savannah ATM.

To this day police have no suspects and know very little about what happened.

On November 6, 2010, 49-year-old Anthony “Kenny” Minor was shot during an attempted robbery while trying to withdraw money from an ATM.

He was on his way to a birthday party when he was gunned down at the Bank of America on Waters Avenue. His killer was never found.

“oh, no we’ll never give up,” said Larry Smith, Minor’s brother.

Year after year Smith comes back to Savannah hoping to find closure.

“As of now they haven’t found out what happened or who did it, the family was trying to get justice, peace, and closure,” said Smith.

For the past nine years, minors’ family and friends have gathered for a vigil, but Smith says this year is different.

“They would like to have justice, but they kinda, its kind of painful for them to live it, year after year,” said Smith. “So, this year we are not doing the candlelight vigil, but we have been in contact with Crimestoppers.”

Following the murder, police released grainy surveillance video from a nearby gas station showing a man walking near the ATM.

Moments later somebody discovered Minor’s body just lying in the street. Police said they were never able to track down the man from the video.

“It’s not too late even though it has been nine years, it’s not too late to still come forward and contact Crimestoppers,” said Smith. “Let them know, what you have seen or what you know about the case.”

For information leading to an arrest, in this case, the family and Crimestoppers is offering a payout of over 10 thousand dollars, versus the normal 25-hundred.

Smith said until Minor’s murderer is brought to justice that reward will keep climbing.

“It means more to me than just another cold case pushed to the side we would like to keep it open and keep trying till we get closure,” said Smith.

A representative with CrimeStoppers tells News 3 they have contacted the Savannah Police Department’s Cold Case Unit to request a review of this case.

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