Family of Shawntray Grant talk about verdicts


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) The family of murdered Savannah activist Shawntray “Puff” Grant spent the past two weeks inside a Chatham County courtroom as the trial of two suspects accused in the death of their loved one took place.

Wednesday, they were all there when the guilty verdicts for 25-year-old Osha Dunham and 24-year-old Nelaunte Grant were read.

“When they came out with the verdict we were cryIng but we were crying tears of passion because he can rest now,” says Grant’s older brother Deontra.

“Shawntray was about ending gun violence and for his life to be taken by gun violence, it’s just sad,” said his brother.

The family is moving forward with the help of the community but the pain of what happened on June 15, 2018, is never far away. In the early morning hours, 32-year-old Shawntray Grant was gunned down and robbed.

“99.9 percent of the people in Savannah know Puff would have just (given them the money) so the question is why they had to take somebody’s life. He was somebody’s brother, somebody’s uncle, somebody’s cousin, why? It makes no sense,” says Deontray Grant.

“It was the worse thing they could ever do because Shawntray Grant was a person of togetherness and love,” said his brother.

Deontray recalled a time some years back when his brother came and told them they needed to do more for communities and families affected by violence. “We wanted to make them feel like they were not along and that’s where the idea came for the Bullhorn crew,” he said.

Shawntray Grant could be seen at community events and vigils with a bullhorn in hand. He spent time helping children and adults who had lost loved ones to gun violence. Sadly, now his own family needs help in return.

“The main word, if I had to sum Puff up would be love. Everything he did he had love involved, ” said Deontray Grant. “Puff would sell dinners all day long, take that dinner money and feed kids so it was all about love.”

“When they think about my brother I want them to remember the joy that he had and that he gave to everyone,” said Mr. Grant. “He went out of his way to help people and the goal was to bring everyone together. So when you remember him – I want you to remember first of all the joy, the laughter and the Coco-Cola he always had in his hand and knowing if you had a problem you could call him.”

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