Family begs public to help solve son’s unsolved murder


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Ricardo Morris, 38, was taken away not only from his mom and dad, but also his eight kids.

One he met shortly before he died and that young man is left with only one memory of his father.

“The night before he died he was in the room teaching me and my brothers how to play dominoes,” Daquan Smith, his 20-year-old- son, said. “That was the last laughter the last fun time I had with my dad.”

It’s now been exactly two years since his death.

“Ricky was here playing dominoes with the youngmens,” Brenda Curtis, Morris’ mother said. “6:04 on the 11th, which was a Saturday morning, they told us that our Jeep Patriot was on fire.”

The car was torched in Garden City. Five hours later police found Morris’ body along La Roache Avenue.

That’s when his family found out they’d never see him again.

“I still ask why,” Smith said. “What’s the reason that I have to go on without a dad.”

And there’s still no word on what happened.

“I’m begging and pleading for answers,” Curtis said. “Please, give us closure.”

Investigators with Savannah-Chatham Metro said they are not giving up.

“Us as investigators haven’t quit working for Ricardo or his family,” Jacob Schroyer, one of the detective’s whose been working two years on the case, said.

But, they can’t do it alone.

“Since that time we have been tirelessly investigating, seeking leads,” Schroyer said.

Investigators and the family continue to put Morris’ story out there in hopes it will jog someone’s memory.

“Someone took his life and they’re still walking the streets of Savannah,” Curtis said.

Morris’ family members said he wasn’t in a gang and he wasn’t a terrible person.

“You may look at him because he had eight children, but guess what? He took care of all eight of them,” Curtis said.

All eight just want some answers.

“I don’t wish the pain I’m going through right now on no one,” Curtis said.

If you have information detectives do prefer you contact them at the police department.

However, if you would like to remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020.

There is a more than $50,000 reward.

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