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(NBC) – Jimmy Fallon has adjusted to plenty over the past month as he puts a home-bound twist on “The Tonight Show.”

“I went to the store and I got a tripod, and I said, ‘I gotta do something.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I going to do something from my house,'” he says of his decision to keep the show going from his home during coronavirus stay-at-home orders.  

Fallon’s wife Nancy has become part of the show, and she winds up shooting most of it.

“She’s holding the tripod, and when it shakes a little bit, that means it’s kind of funny,” he says.

Daughters Winnie and Frannie have also helped dad out.

“They just ran in the screen a couple of times, stole the show from me, and now, they want to come in all the time,” Fallon laughs.

The celebrity interviews have also changed.

“It’s much more intimate because they’re in their homes,” Fallon says. “I feel like the guests are a little bit looser and they’re not worried about having to score with an audience laughing or clapping for them.” 

His next big adjustment might be eventually going back to a suit and tie once stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.


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