A 14-year-old rapper from Savannah earned herself a big honor on America’s Got Talent.

Flau’jae grabbed the judge’s attention during the auditions with a powerful performance of her song “Guns Down.”

But what blew judge Chris Hardwick away was her touching tribute on Tuesday night.

The teen rapped an original song called “I Can’t Lose,” about her life and her journey with music.

She often speaks about her father, a rapper known as Camouflage, who was shot to death months before she was born.

The teen says she is inspired by her father and wants to continue his legacy.

“My struggle/That’s something I really went through/Most of it was face to face/Some of it was mental,” she rapped.

Watch the full performance:

All five judges praised Flau’jae’s performance, but Hardwick was the one to push the button.

“I mean I’m blown away and I was blown away by your audition,” Hardwick said, adding he was shaking and had goosebumps.

“You were not given a chance to have a relationship with your father,” he said. “You were not given a chance then and I want to give you a chance now.”

Hardwick hit the coveted Golden Buzzer and confetti rained down as Flau’jae fell to her knees.

“That was incredible. That was really incredible,” Hardwick said, giving her a hug. “You’re amazing.”

This means the rapper will be heading straight to the live shows.

You can keep up with her journey Tuesdays on America’s Got Talent. The show airs at 8:00 p.m. on WSAV.