Sage grouse slow Kanye West’s Wyoming building project

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A imperiled bird has slowed Kanye West’s plans to construct a building on his ranch in Wyoming.

West seeks to build a large “meditation structure” on his ranch in the Cody area about 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park.

Local officials recently denied the project after West made a last-minute change to include residential space.

Now there are concerns about state regulations to protect sage grouse — brown, chicken-sized birds that spend most of their time on the ground. Sage grouse numbers have dwindled substantially over the past century and much of their habitat in Wyoming carries development restrictions.

Park County officials are uncertain whether the regulations apply to West’s proposed development,the Cody Enterprise reports.

West’s site is within key habitat for the birds, according to Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials and maps.

Such areas carry development restrictions between March and July.

The meditation structure will have a ground-level roof with a large opening. State wildlife officials also have expressed concern animals might fall into a hole being used to build the structure and that birds could nest inside.

West bought property in the Cody area after encountering development restrictions in California.

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