Maryland Walmart employee taking social media by storm

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NORTH EAST, Md. (WSAV) – A Maryland Walmart employee has stolen the hearts of social media users across the country.

Meet Charlene. She works at Walmart North East and poses with different inventory for the store’s Facebook page nearly every day. No matter what item she’s modeling, she always keeps the same straight face.

From cabbage…

to fitness equipment…

to bouquets of roses…

Charlene always wears the same expression that makes you say, “I feel that, Charlene.”

Charlene’s photos get thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, and the page is flooded with fan messages.

“All hail Charlene,” one user writes.

“Charlene is my hero! I love her posts! Give her a raise and a bonus!” writes another.

Walmart North East shared a link for fans to sign a petition to get Charlene on the Ellen Degeneres show on Sunday. The petition calls Charlene “a national icon for the working woman” and has nearly 7,000 signatures in just one day.

The Walmart North East Facebook page also shares photos of other employees to recognize their hard work.

Check out some of our favorite Charlene posts below!

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