Film about human trafficking, opioid use is casting in Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A feature film about human trafficking and its ties to the opioid crisis is set to be shot in Savannah.

The movie, titled “Home,” has an open casting call this weekend in the Hostess City.

The project is a work of fiction, but it tells a story that plays out in real-life here in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

Vanessa Taylor is the casting consultant on the film, “It details what the girls go through once they have been taken away from home and the little girl says I want to go home, I mean there’s just no place like home,” said Vanessa Taylor, casting consultant on the film. “Home, it details specifically, in reference to human trafficking and opioids. All of this stuff runs hand in hand. It’s in our community. It’s in our neighborhoods. It’s everywhere.”

The project is being spearheaded by Apex Films, LLC of Atlanta. Apex CEO, Donald Crenshaw, will produce and direct the film. He says the screenplay has been around for ten years.

Taylor says rapper/actor T-Pain, was initially interested in the project years, ago, but the time has come to find undiscovered talent in Savannah. Crenshaw agrees, saying the time to make this movie has come and Savannah is the ideal place to cast and shoot it.

“Home was developed, maybe 10 years ago. We’ve been on this subject for quite some time. Just recently, in the last two to three years it has surfaced to a level of awareness that is unbelievable,” said Crenshaw, adding the opioid crisis, fueling human trafficking, needs to be part of the discussion about the problem.

“When we started developing it, no one was really talking about it, especially in the African-American community,” Crenshaw said. “At this point now it has become such an emergency if you will and so the movie that we’re doing is so important to bring awareness to people of all cultures to understand exactly what’s going on in our neighborhoods around this country.”

The filmmaker says he’s looking for some local talent to star in the film, as well as supporting roles. The casting call seeks people aged 10 to 35 to bring a variety of characters to life like singers, rappers, dancers, and extras for community scenes.

Taylor says people who win roles in the film are not expected to donate their time to work on the project. “Yes. It will be a paid gig,” Taylor said.

People hoping for a role in the film don’t have to be veterans of the craft, armed with the standard items for an audition.

“If they can provide those things — a headshot, a resume — that would be great, but that’s not something that I’m pressing for at this time,” said Crenshaw, who’s expecting big things at the first casting call for “Home.”

“We’re looking to have a great turnout. We’re looking to find some new great talent. Hopefully, we can build some superstars. That’s the idea of being there in Savannah,” said Crenshaw, adding, “We know that it’s a great project that is needed and it’s necessary and we’re here to work.”

The open casting call is set for Sunday, July 28, 2019. It’s scheduled from 2 – 5 p.m. at the Crawford Square Cafe’, 1 Al Henderson Drive, Savannah.

Crenshaw says there will be another round of auditions in Atlanta and he hopes to begin shooting the film in the Hostess City within 60 of finalizing the cast. Learn more about Apex Films, LLC here.

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