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(NBC) – “Council of Dads” tells the story of a family facing upheaval, just as the real world is now facing it as well.

“I think in this particular time, people want to know that even though we’re socially distant, there’s somebody there for us,” says Michael O’Neill.   

O’Neill plays Larry, one of three family friends trying to be there for the Perrys, who’ve lost their patriarch to cancer.

“You’re watching three very different men from three very different backgrounds try to come together and figure out how they can best look after this family,” he says of the show’s central plot. 

There’s a definite learning curve for the council, including Oliver, a longtime friend and colleague to the new widow, Robin.

“I considered Scott a great friend, and his wife is my family, so that line gets so blurred and it’s so difficult for Oliver,” actor J. August Richards says of his role.   

Navigating those difficulties, and helping others, is at the heart of both the show, and maybe our present day. 

“This sense of community is something that I hope we don’t lose when this is all over,” Richards says, “and that’s what our show is all about. A sense of community.”

“Council of Dads” airs back to back episodes tonight, beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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