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(NBC News) – In another sign that things are slowly returning to normal, two of the nation’s biggest movie theater chains are reopening.

After closing right before the summer blockbuster season, Regal and AMC Theaters are now rolling out the red carpet…cautiously.

“We need to be sure that our theaters are safe and that the public can be confident that if they come into our theaters they’ll be safe when they do,” says AMC CEO Adam Aron.

Aron says the company has instituted a wide range of cleaning protocols to ensure that safety, making the days of sticky movie theater floors a thing of the past.

“We simply cannot afford to operate our theaters unless you can eat off the floor,” he says.

Many films opted for in-home releases rather than wait out the virus, but “Unhinged” star Russell Crowe says waiting for this week’s theatrical release of his film is a positive for fans.

“They’re reaching toward a normalcy that they’re missing,” Crowe says.

Some moviegoers are taking their own precautions.

“I booked seats in the back row so people can’t cough all over us,” movie fan Cheryl Geliebter says.

The real test of fandom comes next month with the release of “Tenet.”

That Christopher Nolan film was expected to be one of the year’s biggest, but some wonder, regardless of the star power, if fans think it will be worth the risk.

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