Actor calls Savannah the “heart of the movie” for the production of “Gemini Man”

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(AP News) – While some “Gemini Man” scenes were written for a Cuba setting, director Ang Lee fell in love with Cartegena, Colombia, taking his cast and crew to film in the port city.

Locations also included Savannah, Georgia, and Budapest  – but for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the welcome in Colombia stood out.  

“They’re all beautiful cities.  Cartagena is an amazing city – the old city is fantastic.  We did a lot of filming there,” said producer Jerry Bruckheimer. ” The people are wonderful.”

Bruckheimer was impressed by the way Will Smith made time to hang out after work with crowds of fans in the city, snapping pictures and signing autographs.

“There were thousands of people waiting when we were filming and at the end of the day, he always took pictures with them, he signed their autographs.  He’s got a big fanbase and I’m sure it’s bigger now because he’s such a generous actor with his time,” he notes.

“He works hard all day.  He gets up early in the morning.  He’s up at five, six o’clock in the morning, he has to work all day and then he finishes (at) eight or nine o’clock and to stand there with all his fans and care about each one of them, take pictures with them, sign those autographs – he’s a terrific guy.”

Actor Benedict Wong said he enjoyed Cartagena but will always remember the flight to Budapest.

“I remember playing poker actually with — we were traveling from Cartagena to Budapest and everybody, all the whole crew, we all had, you know, business class seats and everybody was thrilled.  There was little bar, and I remember we were using chocolates for casino chips and so I won 500 dollars,” smiled Wong.

Co-star Clive Owen enjoyed the destination.

“Budapest is a really cinematic city so, it was just, you know, it was a great place to be,” he said.

The actor also paid tribute to Savannah in Georgia, calling it the “heart of the movie.”

“Savannah was lovely,” he nods.  “That’s where they did a lot of the prep and everything.”

“Gemini Man” is out now.

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